Aphorism #3

my dog“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will never bite you. That is the difference between dog and man.”

Mark Twain

Why do our fellow citizens betray us so frequently? Why do we have so few faithful friends? Why do we read about so much human betrayal while turning the pages of our history? I think we can learn a lot from our dogs.

This is my dog, Ficko. Whenever I come home after a hectic, busy day, he greets me and is ready for a nice, relaxing walk.

Tell me about your favorite animal story!


5 thoughts on “Aphorism #3

  1. lovely picture of Ficko. My answer is that animals are free of ego fixations (i.e. how things and people should be) and are natural expression of pure, real love. They represent unconditional love, therefore God. Spell it backwards…..

    xxx wuf xxx

  2. Animals do not watch TV or care about politics, they purely live an instinct life. A good example are cats. They can not be tamed (even by food) as easily as dogs.
    Amongst people the war is still going on but not necessarily by weapons. We still have the natural instinct to fight to gain something, but in human society fight may not be needed, but the instinct is there and it has to be fulfilled every now and then no matter what is the price.
    If you look at history only some start wars but many innocent people suffer from it.

    • The fight is going on and on for survival in animal kingdom. We humans also fight for survival, sometimes even for more such as power, money and influence. This means war on a larger scale.
      You remember Steve you stressed the importance of survival. Ildi, animals are busy to kill each other for survival and have not much chance to be natural expression of pure, real love.
      The dog instinctively feels that the only chance for survival is to serve the master faithfully. However we all can tell stories about abandoned dogs and other pets…Why is that?

  3. I think serving the MASTER is also what human beings do. But who do we call our MASTER is the difference. Sad thing but the real master usually turns out to be MONEY.

  4. Well Steve, besides money we have some other “masters” such as our emotions, habits and egos not to mention our dear wifes…

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