Aphorism #2

“Oblivion is the rule and fame the exception, of humanity.”

Antoine de Rivarol

So much for human ambition. Unless we are extremely talented or fortunate, we will live our life and die unnoticed. Maybe our children and perhaps grandchildren will remember us…
The challenge is to find the meaning of our life as an average human under average circumstances and live it to the fullest. There must be a light somewhere in the darkness.

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Aphorism #2

  1. Hi Rivarol
    As I mentioned in my earlier comment the main aim is survival.
    Your expected aims and ambitions are mainly told by the media. They try to persuade you about what to buy, what to wear what to do otherwise you do not belong to the front line. Some can cope some are left behind feeling themselves as loosers.
    Your real needs should come from whithin and not told by others. Recognising this could be the first step towards the light in the darkness.
    If you live an “unnoticed” life something is definitely wrong. You are not satisfied with yourself.

  2. Let’s just think beyond plain survival as the goal of our life. Our ambitions drive us to achieve much more than that. That is what I would like to talk about.

    By the way I don’t care about the media and chic trends.The real loosers are those who are influenced by the media and the consumerism. Yes, you must make your decisions based on your own life experience.

    I never feel completely satisfied with myself. I always want something more to achieve. Ambition drives me. Is that wrong?

  3. what is ambition? is it life force, intelligence, a drive to explore and experience, have loads of money, nice home, family, these and more?

    ‘I am in this world but not of of this world. Jesus said. We are essentially and ultimately an inexhaustable, permanent source of energy, or spirit and it is spirit that keeps us moving (forward), incessantly and miraculously – for those who allow its manifastation in this world. And the aim is what……. love, or spell it backwards…. evol(ve).

  4. Hi Rivarol,

    You say you don’t care about media or chick trends. This sound fine but may not be true. Anyway usually it is the other way around. Media cares about you (and others like you) and tells you your needs. Just simply look around you and take into account all the items which you really need for your life and all the others which are just there. I bet these outnumber the ones really needed. Why did you buy these? Chances are you were persuaded by media, fashion, trend, colleagues, friends,family members e.t.c.
    It is a simple matter of business. You buy, someone earns.
    I agree with Ildi that it is hard to define what ambition, life force is. If we put it the other way we can call it unsatisfaction. If you get or buy something you are happy with it for a while. Once you get used to it it loses its power and you find an other aim to drive for (ambition?) . These aims should be well thought of and carefully selected because in the long run everything ends up in a drawer or the trash can. This means items you buy make you happy only temporarily. The question is whether this temporary happiness worth the price? This is where real need comes into the picture. Many of the items we buy are not really needed. Why do we buy them?
    Who tell you your aims? You yourself or others like expectations from society. Chances are it is the latter.
    “Life is but a stage …” we are the actors but somebody gains on the income of the tickets.

  5. Yes Steve, a lot of people are brain washed by the media and fashion trends. It is a consumer society where you are urged to spend beyond your means. The credit card makes it even easier. You are bombarded with ads all day through. Your every steps are analysed and you get targeted ads.

    However you are smarter then that and you don’t buy beyond your needs. You don’t spend more money then you earn. Besides, buying doesn’t make you happy. Yes, buying something might be a necessary step to achieve a goal making you happy, but just buying for the sake of buying is not what you want to do. Only marketers want you to do that.

  6. Did you ask women about buying making them happy? What do you think all those palzas and shopping centers are about. Even the atmosphere of them makes you feel like buying. Of course the layout, colors and contents of the shelves, the temperature, even the music played are precisely planned to get you into the mood of buying, whether you wanted to or not.
    P.S. As you mentioned marketers are doing a fine job.

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