Photography Tutorials

Welcome to my photography tips and tutorials home page. I try to keep it short and get to the point in these assays.  There is a ton of instructions out there on the web so why to write more tutorials? Because this is my personal experience about photography I learned the hard way and try to make it available to the community of fellow photographers. Please feel free to browse and ask questions!  In addition, occasionally I may suggest an outstanding book to read written by an expert photographer.

1. Variations on a subject #72

Cool vs. warm colors; color vs. black and white

Normal vs. Long Exposure (LE), B+W ND110 77mm 10 stop filter

2. Long exposure photography #99

More on LE using sample images, discussing tricks and pitfalls

3. Bokeh #100

Definition, defining factors

4. Exotic vs.  familiar #111

How to find your subject?

5. Long exposure makes a difference #157

6. Portrait vs landscape format #158

7. Remove Distractions #168

 8. Self portrait #170

9. Macro photography #169

10. Composition #205 (book)

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