Aphorisms #4

“Everything is a subject. Every subject has a rhythm. To feel it is the raison d’etre. The photograph is a fixed moment of such raison d’etre, which lives on in itself.”

“I just walk  around, observing the subject from various angles until the picture elements arrange themselves into a composition that pleases  my eye.”

Andre Kertesz

What is a photograph? Why people photograph? What is the difference between a great capture and a snapshot? Simple questions, not so simple answers. I find that studying great photographers’ pictures and reading their quotes on the topic help to answer these questions.  Any thoughts?

in memory of Andre Kertesz

in memory of Andre Kertesz


7 thoughts on “Aphorisms #4

  1. i love taking pictures of D4 and nature and love receiving other’s pictures like Robi’s and Apuci’s!!! I’ve got a selection of them spanning different periods in my life and they are lovely memories. I wouldnt be without them!!

  2. I think photography is mainly about grabbing a moment in the past to use for future purposes.
    These could be different like remembering a journey at a later time, saving a fact for proving, documenting purposes, saving the happiness of the moment, taking a snapshot of an interesting view/subject/object at the given moment to be able to share with others and so on.
    The photo is good if it fulfills the original aims. Of course our aim and the expectation of others about a photo may not be the same.
    A good photo is the one which reflects the feelings of the given moment to those who were not there. Therefore a good photographer not only clicks the button, but tries to see the subject as if it were a photo seen by others and tries to compose the picture accordingly to contain all the important information. This is not easy.

  3. I agree with you Steve. In your first paragraph you refer to a snapshot for the sake of documentation. However, in your second paragraph you outline the characterisrics of a great capture with artistic aspirations.

    A picture worths a thousand words.

  4. A GOOD picture is worth a thousand words. A bad one is worth….19 cents or whatever the lab charges you for the piece of paper it’s printed on.

  5. I’ve been a pro for 29 years and I can tell you that it’s about the same. Why? Experience reduces the number of “mistakes”, but at the same time experience raises the bar. In other words, I’m more critical in what I call a “good” shot. So I think they cancel each other out and you end up shooting just as much.

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