Monterey Peninsula, California

Monterey Peninsula, California

February 26, 2013
Welcome to my recently redesigned blog. Let me introduce myself. My name is Robert. I live and work in Central Pennsylvania.
All the pictures in this blog are created by me.

  • My passion is taking photographs. Light, imagination and camera are my tools. It is a never ending journey to catch the fleeting moments of this wonderful life. My goal is to find a unique view of the world and represent it on my own way.I would like to share with you some thoughts in words and pictures.      


  •  Connecting quote, an aphorism or an idea to a picture might be very subjective, rewarding and entertaining.

  • It is said that some photographs don’t need any comment. Furthermore, an idea might be better illustrated with a photo.  “One picture is worth a thousand words.” This popular phrase refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single image. My guess is that words and pictures live in harmony as they are both used equally well in effective communication.

I used to post pictures on Flickr as PhotoRoberto. My current favorite photography sharing sites are 1x.com and 500px.com.

You can see my new portfolio at http://500px.com/RobertKusztos
Thank you very much for visiting my site.
Any feedback, comment or criticism is welcome.

Warm regards and best wishes,

30 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, Steve, thanks very much. You’re right, the days of PhotoRoberto and Flickr are history…Though Flickr had been good in the not so distant past. 😦
    By the way, it is amazing how much you can do today without having any clue about web design! 🙂

  2. Hi Robert, your virtual portfolio is engaging. You will not ever run out of subjects I bet. I wish you continued enjoyment!

  3. Hi Floogle, thank you very much for your kind words. True, subjects are all over around you, just keep looking (and have your camera with you). 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by and for liking ‘Sunlit Dancer’ – your support is appreciated! You have some lovely work here yourself, and I like how you add quotes to your posts – not directly to any image – but as an overall support to the images you post.

  5. Great blog. I look forward to see a lot more of your work in the future. I’m your new follower.:-)
    Greetings from The Rhie Valley

  6. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for taking time to like my latest post “Just add backlight” I wish images like that always came as easily. I consider photographers to be students of light. When we think we have seen it all, light comes along and shows us another way to see and another path to explore. So I wish you good luck with your studies!

    • Thank you very much for your thoughts. Yes, studying the light is a lifelong journey. As you said, there are so many different light conditions providing a quite unique character and mood for the same subject. Explore the light! You have a great weekend.

    • It is very nice of you Alberto visiting my blog. I am delighted we can keep in contact at least this way for the time being. Can’t help waiting to visit your website as soon as it is up and running. All the best, Robert

    • Hello Thom, glad you found my blog among millions out there. Thank you for your kind words. Browsing your remarkable blog it looks like you’re a music kind of guy. Just curious what makes you to be interested in a visual guy like me taking pictures? 🙂

      • Thanks Robert. I really appreciate the photographic art too! I have original prints by photographers I admire such as winston link, Herman Leonard and John minihan. Hope you will enjoy browsing the jukebox. Regards Thom.

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