Light Galen Rowell Aphorism #26

First Snow

“My first thought is always of light”

Galen Rowell

How true it is. Light can make or break a photograph. There is a reason why photographers like to shoot in the golden hour. Texture and saturation of color are the strongest in the magic hour. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Boredom Schopenhauer Aphorism #25


“It is difficult to keep quiet if you have nothing to do.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Why can’t we relax when we have nothing to do and enjoy the moment? Why do we need to be so busy all the time? The answer might be that we are afraid of our own hearts. The heart is sensitive and ready to react to the world so we keep it covered, fearing we won’t be able to stand being exposed. We can’t afford to open up, because who knows what we might feel.

Boredom is a sign that your heart is about to be exposed. When you have nothing to do, accumulated tension, agitation, restlessness or anxiety begins to surface. You become aware of feelings that are usually submerged or suppressed. Boredom is the forerunner of this distress signaling that you should seek some diversion. As a matter of fact by exposing your heart you begin to make friends with yourself on a deeper level and this might break the cycle of discontent.