Self portrait Aphorisms #170

Self portrait

Self portrait

“ Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

“All my photographs are portraits—self-portraits, because you can’t photograph someone without reflecting/echoing, like a bat sending out a signal that comes back to you. You get not only a picture of who you’re photographing, but you get a picture of yourself at the same time.”

Bruce Davidson, photographer

You can use all kind of creative things to inspire yourself beyond the stereotypical self portrait. Browse Flickr or some other photography web site, try one of the numerous inspiration groups that give daily or weekly self portrait challenges. It can end up being serious or silly, but you might be amazed at what comes to mind when you set out with a purpose.

This is one of those arguments that, much like Nikon vs. Canon, gets people up in arms: Is it a real self portrait if your face is not in the picture? I firmly believe that it can indeed be a self portrait even if you are simply showing your hand or your foot or what have you. If you don’t feel like having your face in front of the camera, show people something else!

Tell me about your own self portrait ideas!

Here is a cool web site with lots of examples:–photo-5689


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