Portrait vs Landscape format #158

Portrait format

Portrait format

Landscape format

Landscape format

The above two pictures show that the same subject can be shot equally well in portrait or landscape formatEach format has its own merit and our choice is purely subjective. Pros on assignment usually take shots in each format and the editor picks the winner. 

Which one would be your choice and why?


2 thoughts on “Portrait vs Landscape format #158

  1. I’ll choose the landscape format regarding your two pictures. Less barrel distortions (the house in the portrait format looks like it’s rolling in the background and also it’s cut). Also the landscape is more cinematic like and it’s like the begining of a movie or sitcom where you see the house of the main characters. A picture has to tell a story (even fictive) so for me the lanscape picture does the job better.

    • Thank you Andrei for your thoughtful critic. Good eye! Certainly there is a distortion of the house on the portrait format, which needs to be corrected by postprocessing or shooting with a perspective control lens. Cheers, Robert

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