L’amour 2 Aphorisms #98


“The head is always fooled by the heart.”

“In love, first cured is always best cured.”

“All the passions cause us to make mistakes, but love is responsible for the silliest one.”

“The reason why lovers never tire of each other’s company is that the conversation is always about themselves.”


I had a dream.

The story of my first love.

For a few moments I was lost in my own world.

Nostalgy, you know…

I still remember my first love with dark blue eyes and fair skin looking at the flowers above. My first love was never returned. At that time I had no idea why? I thought I did everything in my power but no reaction. I still vividly remember the passionate feeling how I would change the world for her. Years later I realised I was more interested about myself, my own ego then about my first love. Than I stumbled upon this fellow’s maximes and learned a lot.

So, sorry guys about quoting this fellow LA Rochefoucauld again and again but I can’t help to admire his reflections of human nature, one of the most penetrating ever written IMHO. He published his collection of “maximes morales” in 1665 proving that human nature does not change. Period. His “maximes morales” are the result of half a lifetime of observation of his fellow human beings, recollected in the tranquility of “middle-aged invalidism” and condensed so as to be UNIVERSALLY applicable at all times. The above quotes are reflection of LOVE.

Do you guys think that his philosophy was bitter and pessimistic or just objective? Any idea? Was he  happy in his love life?

Do you remember your first love?

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