#72 Variations on a subject

Four pictures about the same subject and four different impressions!

How is it possible?

We photographers have all sorts of tools and tricks to manipulate the mood of the subject. Change the exposure time, convert it to black and white, make the colors warm or cool, place the horizon in the dead center or along the upper third, use certain filters, shoot at various seasons or time of the day or under changing weather conditions, etc and you will never capture the same mood. Furthermore, looking at the same picture we might have different impression about it depending on our own mood! The following method is my new favorite one.


Just recently discovered LE as you can see it on picture # 3 and 4. This creative technique is getting more and more popular. Like it myself for several reasons:

A. It has a cool simplifying effect on the composition creating wonderfully abstract and strongly graphical pictures.

B. You capture something with LE you just don’t see with your naked eyes. You record the passage of time creating ethereal, atmospheric-looking images with implied mood.  The effects are mysterious and surprising, the images are packed with intrigue.

So, check out the following shots, pick your own favorite one and tell me, why?


1.Warm colors


2. Cool colors


3. Color, long exposure (using B+W 77 mm 110 ND 3.0 1000 X=10 stop filter)


4. Black & white, long exposure

More on LE photography here: