Pilgrim Aphorism #28


“Just a pilgrim on the road to find the dream, I follow on…”

Kerry Livgren

I guess we all are pilgrims on a never-ending journey to find the meaning of our life. Maybe you will find it maybe not…


4 thoughts on “Pilgrim Aphorism #28

  1. I think “the meaning of life” is overrated. I don’t think there is “the” meaning of “our” life, but rather a general educational and preparational process that each individual soul must go through in order to correct their own specific deficiancies and advance. Sometimes, we must also play a part in assisting with another soul’s lessons. You know those times when you have been forced to endure something, and on reflection after the event, you are left completely baffled by what the lesson was you were supposed to learn? That was you paying your “soul taxes”. You were not meant to learn yourself, but rather help another soul with their progression. 🙂 But be careful! If a similar problem arises again, maybe the lesson was really for you all along, and perhaps you just keep missing the punchline!

  2. The more spare time you have, the more you will meditate about the meaning of your life and more disappointed you will become.

  3. Steve, with a fulfilling existence hopefully we won’t get disappointed thinking about life in general. It doesn’t hurt to take a break now and then, step back and see the big picture. We just keep running and have no time for a little philosophy…

  4. Morgan, you’re right, the meaning of life might be quite different in various cultures and at different times. However there must be some sort of inner curiosity about why are we here on Earth? What is the purpose of our existence? We all seek answer to these difficult questions no matter what is our background or education. Along our journey in life hopefully we’ll find the answer… What would you call this process, soul searching, meaning of life, etc doesn’t really matter…

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