Aphorism #19

Full bloom

 “The only bad photograph is the one that’s never taken.”


Don’t be shy! Grab your camera,  previsualize your picture, keep shooting, change the horizon, the point of view, the lens, everything! Just keep experimenting! Any comments?

4 thoughts on “Aphorism #19

  1. It is ok to keep experimenting but…

    1. who will see your photo?
    2. who will judge/appreciate your photo?

    The real aim of a photo should be to share the experience.

  2. Hi Steve, good questions. You can upload some of your photos to various sites, eg 500px, flickr, twitter, etc. and get feedback, comments. You may join a photoclub or go out for a photowalk with a friend. Participating a workshop run by an experienced photographer is a very effective though expensive way to get critical analysis of your best shots. As you see there are plenty of opportunities to share the experience.

  3. Good question. Artistic development means to listen to the professionals. Selling photographs mandates to hear the public’s “opinion”. Starving or making money 🙂

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