Aphorisms #14



“To despise money is to dethrone the king.”


“Money is the life blood of the nation.”


“Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of its filling a vacuum, it makes one.”


So what is this thing money? Why do we keep talking about it? Why do we want more of it? Why does it separate us? Why do we hear over and over again “Money talks”? Why is money so important in our society?

3 thoughts on “Aphorisms #14

  1. Well, it looks to me that after all money is so important to us. We keep making it and have no time to step back and reflect on its influence in our life.

  2. I disagree. Money is not important. We are only made to think that it is important and that makes a big difference! In the monetary world you are given the money so that you can spend it so money is only with you for a short time. Othervise “economy” would stop and all the bankers would starve.

  3. Well, Steve, after all I am happy you disagree with me. That is what I want to hear. Money is not important. Franklin verbalized it very well in the above aphorism. Unfortunately our consumer society is built on a monetary system and not on human relations. We suppose to spend money to keep running the “economy”. If we do not buy goods the economy collapses. I am not worried about the bankers. I am worried about the hard working, tax paying citizens. The big question is that what other system could replace the current one?

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