Aphorisms #13



“There is nothing more useless than a sharp photograph of a fuzzy concept.”

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

Ansel Adams

Good composition or technical prowess don’t imply fine art. Photography might reach the realm of art through abstraction.  Abstraction means images in which the inherent qualities of the subject matter are separate from the physical object. The photographer looking for artistry sees possibilities that others tend to miss. Furthermore, what is art?


3 thoughts on “Aphorisms #13

  1. I do not quite agree with you. You say “we all know what is art”. What is it? Something you are told that it is art or something you regard as art because you like it. I tend to think it is the latter. If you call fashion an art, then I agree with you. It is the art of getting more money out of your pocket.

  2. Well Steve, we all have some sort of fuzzy concept about art. Famous philosophers had difficulty to give an exact, clear definition. I definitely wouldn’t call fashion an art form. Art is something lasting across the ages, telling something universal to us about us. Certainly today some folks might consider making money an art form especially in this economic climate…

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