Aphorism #11

“The highest qualities often unfit a man for society.”

Sebastien Roch Nicolas Chamfort (1741-1794)

This is a very provocative observation. It tells us how mediocre is society in general. However it might mean that outstanding people do not find their way in everyday life. Perhaps jealousy of the average man may play a role here too. Who knows?


9 thoughts on “Aphorism #11

  1. Just some questions. Whom do you call average man? Those totally obeying society’s expectations? What makes them average? Belonging to others who have nothing outstanding? Who if not the people in a society set up the rules of being average?

  2. I guess everybody has some idea what an average man means. Whoever does not fit to this category either has a great life or has a miserable existence.

  3. People tend to go for “the great life” because they are conditioned that “great life” makes them happier. To my opinion this is not necessarily true. What would happen in a society, where everyone is equal (financially)? There the driving force would not be the MONEY but something else. What?
    Those who are at the bottom have only one way to go: up. But what can make them kind of happy is that they have nothing to loose.

  4. Yes Steve, ideally everyone is equal, but in reality this is very far from truth. We are not equal due to harsh biological and social facts and this difference has a powerful influence on our history.
    In my opinion, besides money, other major driving forces in society might be greed, power, influence and fame. Let us not forget about some positive forces such as helping the weak, common good, religion, charity and advancement of humankind.

  5. Why is that, that if you look around, poor people tend to help the poorest and not the wealthy ones ? By being equal I meant equal as human beings. You refer to “social facts”. Who created them? Most likely the well to do, who had the power to make it. You refer to “advancement of humankind”. If you look around are we really “advancing”. Can destroying our environment, believing in false values be called advancement? Who cares about the future generations? As our society is built around money, you will hardly find any actions, including charity, which have nothing to do with it. Why is charity needed at all?

  6. Who is Steve? He is onto something. Charity is the legal laundering of money of the richest, and governments turning local communities’ food growing land to cocoa beans growing land for make profit sales in the west (chocolate) whilst starving the invaded local population and importing cheap crap “food” at hilarious prices under charity (hence making them bankrupt at the same time). Plus the vaccinations and drugs to follow because now the the indeginous population is suffering from “new diseases” from the crap they are fed?! Why would we need charities at all if all us are equal and endowed with the richest birthright, life?
    The fact remains we are the keepers of the weak, animals, plants, earth etc. and we have to wake up to the human deception. And look for truth, which is eternal, unchangeable,

  7. What I mean under charity is that people with limited means help the poor. I am not talking about superrich individuals manoevering to avoid paying taxes, laundering money, etc. As a matter of fact, some very rich men set up foundations to provide financial aid for studens, libraries, universities, research institutions, etc. There is nothing wrong with being philantropic. Carnegie, Gates come to mind among others.

    Personally, I believe in the advancement of humankind despite all the worrisome tendencies. Yes, the money is dominating. There are wars raging. People are dying of starvation. We read about environmental catastrophies and self destroying tendencies in the consumer society. Besides, the media likes to stress negative events. However, our past history gives hope that we have a promising future.

  8. Dear both,

    As I can see, we became a triumvirate on this blog. Since the questions we are discussing here are quite deep, I would recommend you to watch 2 movies first and then go on with this discussion. The movies are quite meaningful and need REAL ATTENTION to understand. Therefore if you plan to view them, try to be alone and not being disturbed by kids and others. The movies are over an hour each, so plan your time accordingly. After you have seen the movies, let’s get back to this topic. Please notify me once you are ready.

    The links to the movies are:


    Moving Forward

    I am waiting for your notification that you have seen the films.



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