Aphorisms #9

Good friends

Good friends

“What men have called friendship is merely association, respect for each other’s interests, and exchange of good offices, in fact nothing more than a business arrangements from which self-love is always out to draw some profit.”

“Rare though true love may be, true friendship is rarer still.”

La Rochefoucauld

Looks like the good prince never had a friend in his long life. He sounds skeptical and bitter. Certainly there are so-called friends where the mutual interests and profit-making is the only motivation. I would rather call it a business association. In contrast, a real  friendship means to be there in good and bad times, unconditional support of each other and typically lasts for a lifetime. True, it might be rare, but it is even more valuable. My two cents.


2 thoughts on “Aphorisms #9

  1. It takes time to have a friend, In our rushing world we hardly have time to care about our loved ones. Friends are only next in the line. A true friend is whom you would choose as a wife/husband if belonged to the other sex. A good friend is the one whom you still find near you when things go bad.

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