Aphorism #7




“Our enemies are nearer the truth in their opinion of us than we

are ourselves”        

La Rochefoucauld

What an interesting observation! Know yourself! The prince suggests that we might listen to our enemies more carefully. They might know us better than we do ourselves. We can learn important lessons from our opponents about our own character. Sounds like it might not be a bad idea to have some enemies. Any thoughts?


One thought on “Aphorism #7

  1. Dear Rivarol!

    Just some thoughts.
    1. Why would you need enemies just to get to know yourself?
    2. Try to look at a situation as an outsider, this way you will get less subjective pictures.
    3. The more real friends you have, the more accepted you are.
    4. Not only enemies tell you the truth, but real friends as well. If a friend tells you the truth, which you don’t like, and for this he becomes your enemy then the problem is definitely in you.
    5. If a friend does not tell you the negative thoughts he has about you then he is not a real friend.


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