Aphorism #1

“Man spends his life in reasoning on the past, in complaining of the present, in fearing future.”

Antoine de Rivarol (1753-1801)

I like the above quote. You can interpret it in two very different ways. You might wonder about everything on earth and ruin your present. Or you can learn from your past experience and apply it to your future while enjoying every moment of your present. Life is short so do not waste your time with destructive thoughts. Do not let misfortune overwhelm you. You plan with the best intentions in mind and if you are lucky you might achieve your goals. Like an archer on the picture above, you identify your target, aim and shoot… 

Guess which interpretation I prefer? How about you?



17 thoughts on “Aphorism #1

    • Hi Victoria,
      yes, that is my picture taken in the Royal Palace in Budapest. What I’m trying to do in this blog is to connect an aphorism with a photograph. It might be challenging…

  1. What a deep and truly life-changing blog this is! If only I knew what aphorisms and rivarols were… 😉

    • Hi bigdoggie,
      good point, first things first. Aphorism is a general truth, expressed pithily, which makes a wise, often ironic comment on human behavior. Antoine de Rivarol is a French philosopher and thinker.

  2. You would prefer the second interpretation but you follow the first. It is too bad that you are always complaining about the present and fearing the future!!! I prefer the second interpretation.and I live it. Your Mother-in-Law

    • Hi Magdi,
      good for you going with the second interpretation. You might be right about that I used to follow the first interpretation more or less in the past. However I am learning along the way and now following the second interpretation.
      This aphorism reflects very well the two possible ways to live your life.
      Your Son-in-Law

  3. Hi “Rivarol”

    Life itself is not simly black or white but a mixture of colours and your decisions are towards to get out the best result from a given situation according to your present knowledge.
    The cause of destructive thoughts mainly come from the external world and not from within yourself.
    Sometimes aiming and shooting is easier than finding the target .

    • Hi Steve

      You are absolutely right about that in reality life is a mixture of good and bad things, and all depends on what we make out of it. I strongly believe that to make the right decisions will come with experience. It might take many years to get there. Think about the proverbial wise old man.
      Your last point is even more challenging. Practically you are asking about the meaning of life. What is the goal of our life? Why are we here on Earth? Some people never find the answer…I need to think about it. How about you?

  4. Hi Rivarol

    Maybe we will get the answer in December 2012.
    By saying “some people never find the answer” you mean that some did. Ask them.
    If there is only one aim of LIFE, all of us would be equal in thoughts and deeds. Of course you may say that there could be several paths to reach the same destination. Which are these?

    • Hi Steve

      Why would we get the answer in December 2012? What event will take place at that time?

      I believe that unfortunately so many people never find the meaning of life or when they find it, it is too late. Those who find it, are the ones, who live a full life. You cannot ask anyone, you need to figure it out for yourself.

      In my opinion we must first define what is the meaning of life? The greatest philosophers and thinkers could not agree on a universal answer. The answer might be different depending on who do you ask. What are your thoughts?

    • Hiya

      we are equal , but not the same! That would be dreadful. But people tend to think of people who are not like them that they are not equal eitherl. Especially at work. Or that status and money etc. makes one more deserving. These are preferences and don’t make one happy. Steve is right that the media and society creates certain or most needs and we assimilate them through our parents and friends at the least. I would love a nice neat cottage in the country for me and D4 to roam free and of course having family and friends around, and one day it will happen. But I am happier than I was already not because owning my own laptop for example, but because of what i can do through it!

      Anyway, D4 barked at me for not throwing back the ball, so I am going, cheerrioo!

      • We have an inner life which is our own private world. Here we are independent, think and feel freely without any restriction. Then we leave the security of our house and go to work. Now we live our social life. Here everything changes and we play according to certain social rules. Everyone has a status in society achieved by hard work, pure luck or by other means…We might call this our dreams and the harsh reality…

  5. If you have not heard of year 2012, check the Internet about this subject.
    It partially about the ending point of the Maya calendar which will happen in December 2012.
    Many changes are forcasted to take place on Earth and humanity will step into the 5th dimension. You can also find articles about this on the Internet.

    The main aim of life is simply SURVIVAL. The common aim of the weakest and the strongest, the poor and the whealthy is to survive.
    Of course the methods are different.
    Even when things become hopeless one still tries, because he/she/it wants to survive.
    If everything is OK with the individual the next aim is to help the survival of the family, relatives, society and finally humanity.
    Even the simplest living creatures try their best to survive

  6. Oh yes, I have read about this Maya Calendar. Well, I don’t think it has any realistic foundation. Various authors try to interpret it based on their belief system. It is pure speculation though it certainly moves our fantasy. Actually, Eric von Daniken is the best of this topic, including alien civilizations visiting the Earth in the distant past and reshaping our present and future, etc…

    You are right, our basic instinct is survival, reproduction and raising our offsprings. This is in our genetic code. What I am talking about is the meaning of life which is something more, something that separates us from the animal kingdom. Do you know what I mean?

  7. Hm…. The Mayan Calendar is not a fantasy, it is a tool, developed by an ancient advanced civilisation that had the fortune and know -how to chart the future cycles of civilisations, based on a pre-desigend intelligent plan, detailing the evolution of the homo sapiens, currently gone homo aggressus, a pitiful, sad off branch (bless them). ,The next cycle being as Steve says the Homo Luminescent, that’s us on the 5th dimension (of the light within). Don’t ask, read Barbara Hand Clow: The Mayan Calendar.
    Dec 2012 is a different matter, though confused with the Mayan Calendar due to the dates being close (2012 and from 2011) an apparent astronomical alignment of our Solar system with the centre of the Milky Way – that affects Gaia obviously, i. e. Gamma rays, cosmic pulses, pole shift, ice age, sun storm, apparently all coming to a head and happening again anyway. So we are up for an interesting time.
    The inner-genetic (energetic) programme is enjoy and live forever, and I have that from many sources, including the Bible, The survival drive comes from the limbic or reptilian brain, that is being mind-farmed , because that’s what it is for!

    Robi, there are so many interesting theories about aliens, from them creating us, humans-half gods in a lab and all that. And I subscribe to all of them, because, i just don’t know so I accept it (mind expansion) but ultimately It is all the same, just a form and symbol for something far far beyond this 3D. And if we understood THAT we could start living…But as a human, I have had encounter with the Plaiedians and now with Sirius, the home of my baby boy D4.

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